Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Swallowing disorder

A swallowing disorder is usually caused by a central nervous system disorder such as cerebral infarction and hemorrhage, neuromascular disease, or as a side effect of surgery for head and neck cancer. This condition is more common in older people. We routinely evaluate the degree of swallowing disorder by using videofluorography (VF) and videoendoscopy (VE). Speech-language-hearing therapists (ST) teach patients to perform and practice many exercises to improve swallowing during their dysphagia rehabilitation. To improve swallowing function in patients with brain stem infarction such as Wallenberg syndrome, we perform surgery called cricopharyngeal myotomy and laryngeal suspension. Surgery to prevent aspiration, including laryngotracheal separation and total laryngectomy, is indicated for the patients with severe repeated aspiration pneumonia.

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