Thursday, March 16, 2017

Video Assisted Neck Surgery (VANS)

VANS is a new surgical procedure for thyroid surgery, which was developed by Professor Kazuo Shimizu in 1998. Conventional thyroid surgery requires more than a 6-cm long incision in the anterior neck. As thyroid diseases are particularly common in women, the scar left in the skin can be a cosmetic problem. We introduced endoscopic thyroid surgery (VANS) in 2009. Using this procedure, just a 3-cm skin incision is made in the lateral chest wall below the clavicle. So far, we have applied VANS methods for patients with mainly benign tumors.


  1. I am very happy to read that a new surgical surgery VANS is now practicing in hospitals. VANS is very helpful and good site effective surgical procedure for the eradication of thyroid abnormalities.

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